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  • I can honestly say, that your professional approach to the task at hand, extreme reliability backed with punctuality and efficiency at all times, and the quality of your work in overall terms, match the highest international standards.

    Upali Mahanama, Upali Mahanama Associates
    Upali Mahanama Associates
  • I appreciate your silent contribution to make possible a successful, delightful evening, noting that you matched up and even surpassed, in one measure, previous attempts.

    D.B. Nihalsingha, Tele-Cine LTD
    Tele-Cine LTD
  • It was a pleasure working with the Event Production team in the preparation of the event during which you met and exceeded all our expectations. The delivery as you aimed at 120% was met. The quality and coordination was of international standards.

    Gautham Kanchan, Vibez Entertainment Bangalore
    Vibez Entertainment Bangalore
  • Your attention to detail showed true professionalism and made the day a great event for our guests and confirmed our shareholders faith in Sri Lanka.

    R.W.H. Garman, Asia Power Pvt Ltd
    Asia Power Pvt Ltd
  • The launch of the greenhouse at the Hotel Lanka Oberoi on November 24, 1999 was a tremendous success and was even commented upon by both the Canadian and Maldivian High Commissioners. No doubt the contribution of Event Productions was primarily the reason for the success.

    Richard J. Hat, Greenlink Enterprises Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
    Manager Administration
    Greenlink Enterprises Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
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Who are we ?
Professionals in Event Management
We are backed by 30 years of experience in handling a variety of events. We have handled over 3000 events locally and internationally. We are the only professional Event Management Company in Sri Lanka which owns stages, lights, props, sound, lighting and audio-visual equipment in-house.

Our Philosophy
Our Strategy is...
To produce the best event solutions, while maintaining the highest degree of Integrity of our clients.

Our Commitment is...
To provide exceptional creative Event Management through innovative and flexible approach.

Our Objective is...
To fully understand the principles that guide our clients towards the goals they aspire to accomplish, and to ensure that our services are specific to the individual needs of all clients.

Our Strengths Include
Experience : We are backed by 20 years of experience in handling a variety of events.
In-house production : We have the ability to handle the complete job from A-Z
Flexibility : We can operate independently or with Agency co-ordination.
Our Service : Creative, efficient and reliable.
Rates : We offer competitive rates.
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